Movie Theater land sale

According to The Dickinson Press, new eight-screen movie theater in Dickinson could be realized this summer. The city of Dickinson has an agreement with Odyssey Theaters for the land opposite of City Hall on Second Avenue East, currently used as a parking lot.

The land is expected to be sold for $100,000 and the construction project is expected to cost about $3.5 million. “Dickinson’s needed a new theater for a long time,” said Bryan Sieve, Odyssey vice president of finance and business development. “When we took over the three-screen at (Prairie Hills Mall) about six years ago our intent was always to provide a more modern and larger cineplex for the town like we’ve done in other towns.”

He added, “This will be one of the nicest theaters in North Dakota when it’s done.” The city has nearly completed its negotiations with Odyssey for the purchase, Shawn Kessel, Dickinson city administrator, said.

“We believe we’ve provided them with the final draft,” Kessel said. “We believe we’re that close, and we expect that draft will become what appears on the commission agenda in April for their potential approval.” Once the purchase agreement is approved by city commissioners, Kessel said, a due-diligence period will follow with Odyssey researching utilities and the land itself, the liquor store near me.

“Once that period is over, and if there aren’t any issues, then the land sale is consummated,” he said. “There will be a small down payment that will be made, about 10 percent of the total cost, at the purchase agreement approval and of course final payment at the execution of the project. Then we should see construction shortly thereafter.”

There are no provisions in the agreement that reserve any spots for parking for the theater in the downtown space, Kessel emphasized. “All it says is that we will maintain that as a parking lot as long as they operate as a theater,” he said.

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