MoviePass hacks and tricks

MoviePass is the almost all-you-can-watch buffet of movies on the big screen. It has a pretty sweet deal at $9.95 a month. However, these deals can be a lot sweeter with the right tricks.

  1. Buy Tickets for Popular Movies Early That Day

MoviePass requires you to physically be at the theater for most showings in order to purchase a ticket. Showing up to a primetime showing of the movie in hopes of buying a ticket right then is not a good idea, Life Hacker revealed.

  1. Use the “Fandango Swap”

Buy a ticket in advance with the Fandango app for movies with reserved seating. Once you get to the theater, cancel your ticket in the app (do this before the movie starts). After that, buy that now-open seat with MoviePass immediately.

  1. Double Check Showtimes Elsewhere

Always remember to check if the listings are the same on the theater’s website before you head out the door.

  1. Buy an E-ticket when you forgot a MoviePass card

Buy an e-ticket through the MoviePass app if you forgot your MoviePass card. Not all theaters support e-ticket purchases. Reach out to customer service through the app if it’s not going to work.

  1. Enjoy Repeat Viewings by Checking in for Different Movies

MoviePass did not allow some users to see the same movie over and over again in the past. Now, the terms of service have changed. This is to allow multiple viewings of the same movie. If you encounter an issue, just check in for a different movie with a similar showtime and ticket price. After that go on with buying the ticket for the movie you are trying to see again. This would certainly save a lot of money in the bank.

  1. Pay at Kiosks to Avoid Any Hassles

In line with this, some theaters are going to frown as you use MoviePass to visit their theaters. Avail an automated kiosk instead of an in-person box office to sidestep any issues if possible.

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