MoviePass’ unlimited offer

Houston Chronicle reported that MoviePass is currently working on a new deal, just how Netflix did for online streaming and DVDs. The outlet will allow subscribers as many films as they want for only ten dollars a month!

MoviePass believes that with this deal, people will go more often to the theaters. Major theater chains and movie studios are not so sure, putting MoviePass’ business plan at risk. The deal assures subscribers to watch one movie a day, be it a splashy blockbuster or an indie movie contending for the Oscars.

On the other hand, while MoviePass can be used in most theaters, there are still restrictions. The subscription excludes 3D, Imax showings, and advanced ones online as they are pricier. Now, moviegoers must remember that tickets are bought individually even if everyone in the group has the subscription. However, subscribers also complain that MoviePass responds too slowly, or not at all when there is a problem.

In the end, one cannot deny that the thrill of this offer is inevitable. MoviePass shared that over half-million people subscribed in less than a month, with currently a total of 2 million. “I have seen a little over a dozen movies, which is way more than what I would have without it,” said a 28-year-old Indianapolis woman named Cassie Langdon,  who works in sports communications and joined MoviePass in October.

Furthermore, success might lead to MoviePass’ ultimate demise. While subscribers pay just ten dollars a month, or less with promotions, MoviePass is paying most theaters the full price of the ticket. Basically, $10 is just worth one movie because $9 is the US average and $15 plus is common in big cities. Sinemia, MoviePass’ competitor is offering just two or three movies a month for higher fees.

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