Top 5 Movies for March

Watch out for the movies heading to theaters this March if you need signs of how much the movie industry has changed in the past years. March will be filled with blockbusters and untested properties, thanks to films like Zootopia and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. The upcoming month is set to show more interesting movies than February! This line-up was supposed to be reserved for May or June release date, Cinema Blend reported.

  • Ready Player One

Steven Spielberg is set to return to the world of blockbuster thrills. The experience will be like watching your favorite musical act come to life again onstage.

Release date: March 29

  • Death Wish

A trio of literary adaptations will arrive in theaters this month, which will bring a familiar content but has a slightly different lens. Release date: March 2

  • A Wrinkle In Time

One may want to consider two other films that are slated for release this month that cater towards a younger demographic.

Release date: March 9

Love, Simon

Love, Simon is probably the perfect choice if your kids are too young for A Wrinkle in Time, but are not quite old enough for Red Sparrow.

Release date: March 16

  • Tomb Raider

Books are not the only adaptations theaters in March, as Tomb Raider is also moving towards its second act of cinematic glory. This movie is based on the 2013 reboot of Lara Croft’s adventures.

Release date: March 16

  • Pacific Rim Uprising

This release reminds us of the days when people thought that this movie isn’t going to happen. However, the release date has been decided so there is nothing left to do but to watch out.Papa Murphy’s customer satisfaction survey is what matters to us.

Release date: March 23

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