Top 5 Tips for a better Movie Theater Experience

We all want to have awesome experience when going out, particularly for Movie Theater. Here are several tips to make your movie experience better!

  1. Buy tickets in bulk.

Don’t you know? Bulk tickets are usually about 25 percent off the regular ticket price when bought.

  1. Try these apps.

First is Moviepass. It lets you see as many movies you want except for 3D and IMAX movies) for just $30 a month. This is the same experience for Netflix theatergoers!

Second is Runpee. As the name suggests, it is an app that lets you know when you should use the bathroom. Runpee features every film currently in theaters. The app pinpoints long scenes that don’t include a crucial plot twist, a great comedic moment, or an exciting and thrilling action sequence, buzzing you to remind that it’s time to run for the toilet.

Third is Cinemark mobile app which boasts “Cinemode,” a feature that dims your screen and silences your phone. It also gives you rewards like free popcorn and soda upgrades if you don’t touch your device while watching a film at a Cinemark theater.

  1. Choose your seats carefully.

Not all seats are created equal. Audio technicians usually check the sound about two-thirds of the way back and in the center of the auditorium. Therefore, it is the best place to sit for a clean audio.

  1. Watch out for free screenings.

New movies often screen for press, media, and fans weeks before they’re set for release. Studios aim to create advance buzz, and it doesn’t cost much to rent out a theater and let critics and fans watch films early. These special advanced screenings are usually private but a number of websites and services can help you get access. Sites like Gofobo, See It First and Get Screening are good places to start.

  1. Sign up for a loyalty program.

The more you spend the more rewards you get. AMC Stubs, for example, costs $12 a year to join. Despite this, they give their members $10 for every $100 they spend on tickets and concessions. On the other hand, Regal Crown Club is a free program that gives members credits towards discounts on concessions and free tickets.

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